WARNING: Mature Content.


Movie 4: Honor

The movie was as colorful and as gay as the movies before. But me in Merman's bed, naked and stroking myself to climax is the best thing of this day.

I was going to do three things on that day, including a movie with Merman. As a guy who takes the bus, that would be a lot challenging. Though, I pride myself on being calculating.

Through some mishaps, Merman didn't see the haircut I planned on myself because of some things that got in the way.

We watched the movie in the usual fashion: leaning on each other and touching each other. Though our arms are closer to each others cock. We can't have erections at the moment, we're watching the movie.

When we finally finished, I told him at one point that my barber is in a strip mall, I may not make it in time, and my phone is close to dying. Then lo and behold, he needs to go there as well for a swim, but he needs to stop at his apartment for some things.

The drive was slow because of traffic. We spent time looking at guys walking on the street checking them out.

He said something like, "you'd like to do him would you?" Nicely dressed guy walking on the street. Yes.


At one turn, he leaned over and I leaned to him instinctively. We made out for a few seconds.

"Stop!" I slapped his lap, "you're driving!"


We laughed.

I got in the small studio type apartment. It's adorable, the size was clearly meant for the Asian majority. However, being a colossus, his furniture is big sized.  He's also a bachelor.. it's messy.

"Oh god man. The dishes. I should help you clean up." I look at the sink, I imagined being a naked housekeeper.

"No judging." Cute.

I shut up. The day after, I told him that's it's okay. He said he's not really comfortable bringing anyone in. I guess that's my last visit. I did offer myself to help in cleaning. I should've said the naked part.

With my phone charging right next to the sink full of dishes, he took some of his stuff to a backpack and set them aside.

"My back hurts," he flops on to his bed.

From the kitchen area of his studio apartment, I walked over to him. I told him about my (non-erotic straight guy) massage therapist friend and how I learned some stuff from him.

I love massaging the shoulders, the blades, and tracing the spine. Also, kneading the lower back.

I'll be honest, I'm not expecting anything from this day. I didn't do an enema, I have deodorant on my pits, and I was dressed for a date. Undershirt and everything.

"Ah shit, my right [ass] cheek died!" Really, it did.

"Then lay here," he said tapping next to him.

I was on my back, he was on his stomach. We laid there for a little while. Then looked at each other. Felt like an eternity. I get to see his deep blue eyes before we kissed.

Bit by bit, my clothes had come off while we were making out. I asked if he'd take off his clothes, he said no. Compared to all the kisses, this one got a bit on the rough side.

He likes my lips he said.

He'd also like to rim me, but unfortunately I wasn't in fucking condition at that time. I wish he offered to use his bathroom.

As we try to do it like last time. I was jacking off with the same anxieties I was wrestling with. I closed my eyes and ignored them; I like this man enough to give him what he wants.

I came. Then a shiver went down my spine, meaning someone took some of my cum on my cock head and jacked off with it.

No time for trying to figure out who did it, I went into his mouth and made out with him some more.

He sucks a bit more and bites a bit harder when he cums. The sound that he makes is beautiful.

I didn't get to see it, my attention went down his neck.

I leaned to his crotch wanting to lap on his cum and mine.

"Eww, don't!" He stopped me.

"Ehh. I wanna."

"Okay, a little."He placed a drop on my lower lip. I try to be sexy in licking. I don't know if I succeeded. Whatever.

After that we had to clean up. I have a haircut and he has a swim.

I was looking for something to wipe the cum with, when he handed something familiar from his hamper.

It was a brown striped towel. A terry cloth towel I accidentally left in his car.

"It's my cum rag." He said. I don't think he's joking.

"Well.. I'm..." Imagining him rubbing himself, smelling me on it. It's such a turn on.... and it's so sweet.


"Yeah." The word I preferred was honored.



Boy: Nice body bro how's ya day going
Zen: Thanks. You look good too. Been going good. You?
B: It's alright lol bored haha
Z: Lol
B: What u up to bro?
Z: Getting ready for a long day.
B: Dam u going to work?
Z: Errands. Work Out. Work.
B: Nice I just started at [gym]
Z: Cool. Whats the goal?
B: Drop weight n tone up
Z: Get more definite (time? weight?) Then keep a food journal. You'll be ok.
B: Thanks bro any advice is good advice cuz small kine lost wen come to dis stuff but yea thanks
Z: Last thing is mental side. Good luck. You deserve great things. Also, Technique. Then speed. Then power.
B: I have to develop a routine right now just focusing on cardio n small like weights maybe one day if can you could help me out
Z: Lol. You'll be fine on your own. Maybe we'll meet one day. Who the fuck knows? Focus on yourself is important.
B: Lol ugh ok thanks lol

Boy reminded me of myself before I moved here. I'm just glad I'm lighter and more mobile. Yeah, he's on the fat side.



We met from my post in the internet. When I look back at it, I was a desperate immature git; it's a relief that I actually improved. I was green, stupid, and horny late teenager. He was around twice my age.

We met at a park in his part of the state. I was tired from lack of sleep and too warm from my jacket.

He drove me to his house. Roughly an hour.

Being a little more prudish back then, I balked when his hand went over to my crotch. Well, he was driving through a crowded street.

He owns a large lot with a small house and a vegetable garden.

We went inside. Foreplay wasn't that much. He smoked weed and I sucked his cock.

I had no knowledge of anatomy whatsoever and I have an awful thing about learning things the hard way.

I insisted that he wear a condom and fuck me on my back.

Years later, I would've told this youngster that unless the person has a disproportionately small penis, fucking on his back is a little painful unless there's A LOT of lube in there and a lot of stretching involved. Also, lots of foreplay.

Good news was, I didn't end up being fucked on my back. It was on my stomach.

Bad news: no lube.

It was one of the most painful sexual experiences ever. I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

I didn't have enough mental and physical strength to actually get this man off me, so I fucking took it. The pain and all.

It felt like hours.

But as you can see, I'm alive and better.

When it was done, he took out the condom and I got a shower. Got dressed. He gave me some stuff from his vegetable garden, and I got to the furthest bus stop as he can take me. He told me how expensive the gas was. I told him I'm having a headache.

My long hair's wet, I have a headache and I didn't cum.

Months after I met Ace.


High School

Merman went to my work. He's a former client, and is now a customer with our competitor.

We hadn't seen each other in ages because of work related things.

We were texting each other before he visited me.

M: I like you coz you don't pressure me. [For Movie 4]
Z: I like you becasue you're funny, gentle and kind.
M: Wish sometimes we were closer in age but oh well.. lol
Z: It doesn't bother me sometimes, but I understand.

Until the end of my shift, we'd flirt, talk, and make-out. (I know where the cameras don't shine.)

"You look that way, and I'll look the other way."

"What?!" I shook my head and snicker.

We made-out with our eyes open. This is fucking silly, I can see his blue eyes though.

At one point, I sucked on his finger.

"You naughty boy," he said.

I gave him my widest grin.

When it was his turn, my brain went on shutdown, my eyes went wide, and my jaw dropped. My whole body felt this tingling sensation.

Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck.

When my relieve came, I went back into work mode and did all my shit as fast as I can and clocked out.

He was doing the balancing act on a long bench when I stepped out.

I walked over to him and he used my head to support himself back down (he asked if he could, and who am I to say no). The hand covered most of the top of my head. He then showed me a meme on the Internet and I laughed. Nothing he'll ever do will be lame to me.

"So, I'm not gonna drive you all the way to ---. I'm tired."

"Yeah, I know."

"Though I can drive you to the bus stop."

"Yeah, It's just over there." A few blocks.

We got to his car which was parked on the sidewalk.

I made a comment that I was hungry and I wish I bought food with me. He gave me an orange. For some reason, I can't peel it.

"Oh fuck." My nails weren't long enough.

He took it from me and peeled it himself. We ate a little while in silence.

Then we made-out again.

I swear to my mother's tits. From his touches to kisses, this man is electric.

Fucking electric.

He touched my cock through my jeans, I can't help but moan. We made out some more. I can taste the orange.

I returned the gesture.

We put our cock out and touched each others, I love it.

"You saw it before right?"

"Yeah I did. I don't think we touched it." I said. (No, I did touch it.)

Then I leaned over to his side, and put it in my mouth.


That was music to my ears. I sucked some more and we made out.

Then I saw it.

It was night and there was a sliver of light that went into the car. I saw in those beautiful eyes the hunger that was there. I want more of that.

He came down and sucked on me. It was heaven. I'd caressed him on his bald head and balled his shirt.

We were making out again, and I'd feel a tug on my bottom lip and a scraping of his teeth. This first encounter with his roughness turns me on. Yeah, it's not as rough, but fuck!

He wanted me to cum first. As much as I was jacking off, the car, the anxiety of wanting to please this man, and the fatigue from work came to me and I couldn't.

He revealed to me earlier that he wanted to jack off with my cum while making out.

That's what we did, sans my cum.

I was making-out with him, and when it was close to cumming, I felt that roughness again. Then, "I'm cumming," in a voice I can only describe as heavenly (how about "moan of release").

As he tilt his head back, breaking our kiss. I went for his neck.

He was catching his breach, and I went down and sucked his cum off his fingers. It's not as bitter as I'd expect, maybe because of his "healthy" diet. I really don't care, it was a great moment. One I'd keep replaying over my head.

"I feel like I'm in high school."

"I don't know, I was a fat kid," I said.

Though if it was high school, I'd like to be the head cheerleader. Bitch be fab.

Next day, we texted.

M: That was hot watching you taste my cum.
Z: I consider putting you in my mouth an honor.
M:Putting my tongue in your ass would also be an honor.
Z: Oh God. Hard.



I was in a place where everything is at luxury prices and there's a scarcity in restrooms. Hotels, hi-rises, and stores litter the landscape and everything was touristy. I was supposed to have my cock sucked by a gentleman in his 60s. Unfortunately, I backed out. I didn't feel like it at that time.

I saw him before he saw me, and I made some excuse that's reasonable enough.

With the people, local and tourist inside the cafe and the people outside walking about, I can hide myself easily, despite the fact that I seem to be the only person with an unnecessary layer of clothing on sporting a Mohawk.

Looking back at it I never learned the lesson that what you give out, you get. I was really thirsty up to that point, and I finally got back to my senses. As I remembered this man, looking left and right and leaning forward on the chair as if he's frantically looking for something, I realized that it was a good choice at the moment to call it quits and enjoy my coffee. He gave up after twenty minutes. His form, stout in the middle, walking briskly to the crosswalk.

In between my coffee and newspaper, I was enjoying a chat with Security.

Security is three decades my senior and a few inches shorter than me. I find good rapport with talking to him that later, I actually attempted to have a threesome with him and Ace (it did not happen).

We ended up sucking each others' cock on the fire escape stairwell of his apartment building a few blocks away.

He can't host because his roommate is in the apartment, so he (jokingly, he told me later) proposed to do it in the stairwell, because he did it before and it went good.

We meet in the cafe. He's an inch or so shorter than me, with a little belly that all middle aged men regularly have, and his white hair is short and spiked, and he's white... probably a little Italian in him. I didn't ask and I don't care.

We walked over to his apartment building. He led me inside and up to his floor

The stairwell was clean and well maintained; as expected from a high income bracket area.

We sat on the stairs and started making out. He opened my pants and took the position between my legs and started to suck me off.

Since I'm relatively new to the world of fucking and this is my first stairwell fuck I was a bit anxious about relaxing and cumming in his mouth without the aid of my hand. I was just a person ridden with anxiety.

Yes, I was an anxious nutcase.

By some miracle I manage to relax. I caressed his head and pushed him into my groin that met him halfway with my thrusts. I leaned my head back and I came. A few seconds after, I guided his mouth to mine, there was little cum left. I never really intend on cum swapping with him, but he thought I was. I just agreed.

His cock was good sized. It fit my mouth nicely. I was touching him all over and hollowing my cheeks out. He came and per his instructions, I kept the cum in my mouth, large enough to gargle with.

We shared it. It was salty and our kiss was wet and sloppy. It dripped outside to our lips and with out tongues, we kept it inside until we both swallowed everything.

After that I'm still trying to get as much cum out of my face by my tongue, after a few tongue licks, I just ended it with the back of my hand and licked the evidence clear.

We went back to the cafe and drank coffee, I ate some donuts and we talked.

"... hopefully something else." We toasted our clear plastic cups. I forgot the first part of the sentence. But the latter part surprised me, I hope he's not alluding to a relationship. No, I wasn't interested.

We'd swap some life stories: It seems he came out later in his life a decade or so ago, divorcee, and no children. Still, he made a comfortable life for himself with benefits from early retirement and all that.

We'd also swap sex stories and make each other hard.

"You didn't wear braces?"

"No. These are all natural."

He thinks that's hot.

"You fucking asshole, I'm fucking hard right now." I said under gritted teeth.

He, who seemed to have better control than me, just smiled and said, "well same here."

We said our "see-you-later"s and I went to work pretty content.


Movie 2 & 3


I'm sitting in a joint. It was night and the mall is crowded, I'm in the comfort of a device, a jacket, and tea. He doesn't like coffee, so I don't drink it in his presence. Though I send pictures of me drinking coffee and texting him I drank X (more than 5 usually) cups of coffee just to amuse/irk him.

He sneaked up behind me and tapped my shoulder. He's cute even in those laid back clothes. I was wearing a collared shirt with an undershirt, jeans, jacket, and a backpack. he's only wearing a t-shirt and jeans.... with flip flops.

Being the bargain hunter that I am, I texted him before that I have coupons to see the movie. Turns out that I can't use them, so I texted him that I'll pay for him if I have to.

He declined the offer and paid for himself. He did tell me to buy him a soda.

"I folded my straw so we'll know the difference." Yeah I was being smart.

"Does it matter?"


The second movie was not a gay one, but it was extremely gay-ish romance. He realized that it's from his favorite director.

I'm glad. I invited him to both movies so far.

We watched the movies the usual way: hands together and leaning on each other. We don't do much more than that, we're actually watching the movie.

I really like him the way one likes the company of another. Though I wouldn't decline if sex is offered, I can say that I like him enough not to have sex with.

He drove me home. I got distracted and missed the turn. Going back took some time; enough time to have his hands in my pants.

Touching my cock through the sports fabric got me real hard.

Blocking the driveway, we made out.


It was his turn to invite me to a movie.

He finished work and I'm off that day.. rather, I got someone to cover for me. He spotted me and yelled my name. He's in his work clothes: brown dress shirt, jeans, and a blue tie.... If the light was good, I'd say it matches his eyes.

This would probably the most embarrassing experience between me and Merman ever. I don't have enough money for the ticket.

I was sweating bullets. He covered for me.

"What?! You don't have money."

The most silent "yeah," came out of me.

At that moment, I really wanted to kick my ass. I appreciate free stuff, but I honestly have no desire to be caught with minimal funds. I'm an independent man! With dreams! visions! goals! I didn't let go of the people I love in the motherland to be someone's freeloader.

But that was super sweet. And that won't happen again.

We sat on our usual positions I'm on an aisle seat. Then we started bickering around playing and shoving each other for the armrest.

"Boys," his friend said. His co-worker/friend, who seems to be a nice person. As much as I like to include them in my evening, I didn't because all of my attention is focused on Merman.

The movie was an awesome gay romance.

"I used to live there," he said on one scene.

"It looks nice." I replied.

After the movie, we went outside the theater, I forgot what we were talking about, but I finally got to present him with a present.

It's an album from an artist he likes. I listened to it and it's something I'd listen to, but not come back unless my whole library is on shuffle.

"Aww," he hugged me and pressed his whole weight on me. My nose was a few inches to his pits and I inhaled like it was my last breath on earth.

His smell is amazing. I got hard.

We then made out in front of his friend. I tilted my head up and raised my feet a little bit, he had to crouch down. Later, he texted that he's not used to such displays. I don't care whether it's private or not, as long as I like the person, all is good.

He has to bring his friend to their house so he can't drive me. I said them for the time and we went separate.

I always have a smile on my face after seeing Merman.

I'm grinning and I feel giddy.