WARNING: Mature Content.



Logistics suggested that the best time to fuck would only happen if I didn't attend that class.

There were no objections so I went and did it. I apologized to the professor and I asked something about the coming exam and some points from the homework. I wish I could tell you that I let him fuck my face, but in due time.

I met Security in a mall halfway to his apartment and he drove the rest of the way. We talked about stuff and there was the sleight of hand to my thigh. I like it when that happens.

Security is the first person I've actively campaigned to Ace in having a threesome with. So they know about each other and sees no problems with regularly fucking me separately or all together. Security asked if Ace was jealous or something to that effect. I told him no, he's completely fine with it. He knows.

I finally got to see his apartment. Bare, spacious, and nondescript. White walls, cream carpets, and stucco white ceiling. There's a large screen TV, a large cream sofa, and a small shelf with a picture of him and his roommate/ex mid-drop from a roller-coaster with the frame that might have come from the same amusement park they went to.

On the way to the bedroom which they currently share 'cause of some repairs, is a large floor to ceiling painting divided into nine rectangles. A bird in mid flight. It seemed that the personality of the whole house was concentrated in this painting and nowhere else.

The bedroom was almost the same. Bed, TV, two art prints, on way to the bathroom (no door*), and then a TV. There's a box of 90s porn in the veranda.

On my suggestion, we showered together. We made out under the spray and soaped our bodies. touched each other until were hard.

We got dried and went to the bedroom. Since were almost the same size and his dick is about the same size as mine, he entered easily while I was on my back. It felt nice.

Security is a bit tame except for those moments of excitement (with my suggestions) and the enthusiasm that he brings in is contagious. So I was glad I suggested the pictures and veranda.

He took some pictures of him inside, halfway inside, and only head inside. The flash was on so you can see his cock glazed and glistening with juices and we sent them to Ace.

Then the veranda. Lined by concrete and that went up to our chests.

We walked past the sliding doors and I can see the whole view of the city from about thirty stories high. Later, I'd actually realize how clearly visible we are to people below. There were also neighboring apartment buildings, so it was really easy to spot naked men fucking.

We got a rhythm, great sunlight, and a view for a few minutes until it got really cold from the breeze and we went back to bed and end the day with him and me in various positions: on my back, side, with my ass hanging from the edge of the bed, and cumming inside. We were in the middle of the bed soiled with lube and/or whatever, and he fingered me while I stroked myself to climax.

It was great that he lasted that long. We were both spent.

I asked earlier if he should've put a towel or something.

He said, "Do you think I care?"

Is the lube machine washable? Was one of my thoughts.