WARNING: Mature Content.


Dinner and a Show

He picked me up at my bus stop after work. It was convenient because we work at the same part of the town, he's an office man from the looks of it. From the looks of his car, he's a hard working office man. The car looks like a four wheel drive; it wasn't meant for the city roads we traveled on.

He drove me out of his way to a diner after work, the place was close to my house and miles away from his. It's past midnight so there's no traffic. Oh, did I mention that we just met at the app?

I've forgotten how the conversations went, but it was a mix of my attempts at being smart, likable, and cocky and his complaints about some ex-boyfriend of some sort. Really, it wasn't substantial enough.

We talked in the car on the parking lot of the diner and at one point he took a hold of my head on both sides and smashed his mouth to mine. Our teeth clinked, and out tongues played swords. It was... nice and awful. Nawful.

We went into the diner, and of course I got the heaviest plate I can get. Fuck why not live a little.

We ate and talked some more. I made sure to make that plate lasts.

He drove me to the closest parking lot of the house. He blocked the windshield with these foils and got to the backseat.

The windows where tinted and the dots of light came from the lamppost behind a tree. The seats were leather, and they feel nice as my thighs slide through them in the cold.

I'm trying to map out his kisses so I can write it, but honestly, I can't remember it being nice and pleasurable. It actually left a sting in my lips from his teeth (not that he was biting me, more like he didn't know where to put it). Now I figured out that there was forcefulness and thirst behind it. Just like mine.

I did try to spice it up by going through his neck and collarbone, but I just went straight through the dick. It was shorter than mine, but I worked on it like it was a popsicle sucking on the length as I bob up and down on it. I played with the balls with my tongue circling form one to the other.

He came in large bursts. (After this experience, I've made a generalization that smaller dicks cum more. I dunno is it true?) Realizing that he came in my mouth, he made me gargle some water and spit some out. The cum was sweet.

Then it was my turn. I didn't remember being taken in the mouth exactly, but I do remember being jacked off and making out. His hands where tight, he was rubbing the head more than actually stroking me, and I came in no time. I leaned into him with my mouth half open uttering these half stifled moans or something, then heavy breathing. I remember his eyes, to me it looked like he was in the zone, knowing the most expedient way to get me off (way too expedient). I stopped him a few strokes when I got tender. He cleaned me up with paper towels, and then his hands. There was a drop of hand sanitizer as well, he offered me some and I took it.

As I remember this, I feel a large sense of regret. I know we have some low days, but this just feels awful. I made him drop me off a few blocks from the house. I told him it was fine, I'd like to walk.

I got to eat free, got a ride home, and got a handjob; to be honest, I'm a lucky son of a bitch considering the fact that the man, who seems to be interested in me, does not share the same income bracket as me. The man is quite nice and generous that's for sure, but he seems so desperate to please it kills me. It reminds me about myself.

I just thank my lucky stars that I my hide didn't end up a lampshade.

He tried to get another contact, and I told him I'd rather be alone. We never met again.


Conquest for Daddy: My Actual Dad

My Actual Dad died. A long time ago. I was fortunate enough to get to know him a little bit.

What brought this on? Well, I was in this section in reddit, and I bumped into this tumblr which is incredibly hot. I found myself nostalgic.

My Actual Dad is a really hairy fucker, and we look really alike too. Unfortunately, I didn't get the heavy chest hair, though there are some few strands (I am a few inches taller though). He died before I could come to a peace with my sex and desires, so I wondered how he'd take it if I told him I fuck with guys who are decades older than him.

Sometimes, when Ace fucks me. On my back, my ankles up to his neck. I'd run and tug my fingers through his chest hair; it reminds me of my dad and what I used to do to his calves. It was fun.

It would be a nice thought if I fuck with older men because of my dad. It'll be like a full circle thing for sure.