WARNING: Mature Content.



I was getting on the bus on my way to work when I got pinged.

First message: his cock photo.

At that time, I was amazed.

Probably around 6, it has a consistent thinness from base to head. He's cut.
He told me to meet him at the Department Store, third floor men's restroom.

"Power walk" would be a right term to how I got there.

When I got into the restroom, I was in front of the middle bathroom stall, thinking that we'd both see each other and fuck there. It took me a while to figure out what this scene meant.

So, I took the handicapped stall and put some toilet seat paper liners on the seat and waited for whatever. Then he lowers himself to the partition and slid his cock under it.

Oh, so that's how it works.

I immediately prostrated myself on the restroom floor, not caring for cleanliness, I'm sucking cock. I put the whole thing in my mouth, it fits comfortably in there sitting at the back of my throat, poking a bit on my gag reflexes.

We traded blowjobs and played red-light-jump-squat-green-light-jump-squat with the people who actually need to use the restroom. At one point, he puts his finger up my ass.

Three times, I jumped back and forth to the seat and floor. It was a comfortable jump because of the handicap stall. You can do calisthenics in there. Pure adrenaline and testosterone.

I ended up cumming by just sitting there in the sheer novelty of the experience. And shame, let's not forget that. I can't hold it in. A stream of white came out the slit, my head moist.

I apologized for cumming, thought thinking back, I wish I stayed there and let the other guy lap over my cum. And stick more of his fingers up my ass.

But no. I fucking apologized for cumming early.

When I left the stall, it seems he was preoccupied by another person at his right. Oh, this was a master.

Sex was still new and evil to me. Sex outside the bedroom was extremely a no-no, I was taught.

I went to work late.


Movie 1

The point of contact between Merman and I are a few: workplace and gym.

The best point of contact would be the movies.

We've watched a handful of movies so far, the first one was a gay documentary.

Probably because of miscommunication or whatever, he ended up rushing to the theater and almost missing the first seconds of the movie. He sat right next to me. It was unusually crowded.

This first movie would mark a religious habit that we do: touch hands and lean on each other.

He's so soft.

Sometimes, we'd entwine fingers. Caress each others wrist and arm.

"You'd probably be good in porn," he said.

"Yeah, whatever." I'm having a hard on.

I'm usually a little fidgety when it comes to anything, I'd either be moving my fingers, arms or legs, lean back and forward when I watch something, but since I'd like to prolong my contact with him, I stay still.I move the farthest leg from him to temper myself.

After the movie, we went into his car, so he can drop me off at the gym where I kept my stuff.

Somewhere at this point, he affirmed what he texted me earlier: He gets playful whenever he's with me.

I can see him being his sulky self at work. Apparently, his contact with me made him a decade younger. It made me feel nice that I can bring something joyful out of him.

We ended up showing each others cock in his car. We traded touches, and it feels great (of course, it's cock).

We never did anything because were in a well lit parking lot, and some people here and there are walking from the theater. I never expected anything physically sexual with him because I'm really enjoying myself. Also, if I went down and swallowed his cock, he might hate on me.

"I've never done something this wild. See, it's hard right now." He banged his cock-head on the steering wheel. "Ow."

I laughed.

He drove me to the gym, both our hands in each others thighs. We made out.

I'm happy with him too.



I met Merman at an app, and we hit it off smoothly.

I was feeling humorous at the time and I really had no agenda for sex or anything. I just thought he was an attractive guy and I'd like to get to know him more... and maybe get into his pants.

A bit taller than six feet and with a strong brow, would probably demonstrate the neanderthal ancestry of Caucasians. He's got amazingly striking blue eyes. Deep blue eyes, totally novel to my motherland sensibilities, I never get to see this much white people before, not to mention this beautiful fucker.

We messaged each other a lot and finally meet. It turns out we go to the same gym we work close to, so we met there.

I was running my mile on the treadmill and he was doing some chest things.

Then he ended up talking to me. I really don't know why people turn the gym into a hang-out place, it's a gym; you work out and you get it done. He was being cute and all that. For a six feet fucker, it's working.

I walked him to his car, which was street parked a few blocks away.

We were chatting; he was in the drivers seat and I was outside. It took me a while to realize, until he asked me, that I was meant to sit in the passengers side.

Sometimes, I get socially inept into things like this.

We talked about each other and our histories. Then we made out.

From that first meeting and the meetings after, I've come to know Merman as a sort of nervous type (from the way he talks about work and his asshole former boss and ex), who really likes the Asians and Latinos, he's a real mild kisser.

Soft, slow, and just pleasurable.

When we kiss, I'd flick my tongue out as if I was teasing him and he'd open his lips and we'd kiss deeper. His kisses aren't hungry or strong, they're very gentle.

One thing I noticed about Merman is about how innately soft he is. Very soft. His hands, his lips, his everything is so soft.

He dropped me off at the gym, we said our goodbyes.


Enough 3


I'm in the mall that afternoon. Hot. Haven't eaten breakfast. I just got there in hopes of getting some dick.

It was shameful really. I was grovelling without a grovel-ee.

I realized that it was such a disrespectful display for myself. I went back to my hang-out to eat.


I chatted up with someone on the way back.

A very good looking guy in an open relationship. I'm curious about these things.

"Do you have some rules?"

"Yeah... I got to tell the partner first." He typed.

We traded body and face pics. He's a good looking guy, leaner and more defined than me. His skin is almost translucent, like it's glowing or something. A David splashed with flesh tone. Some wonders of Pacific Islander combined with White ancestry.

In a restroom, I took of my jacket, shirt and dropped my pants to my knees.

I got called a stud.

That compliment was like an expensive gem someone would find on the street.

I was overjoyed, but some parts of me couldn't believe the compliment. So i had to double-check with Ace.

"Yes, you are a stud," he texted back.

I felt good.



 I called myself X.

About three miles from where I slept, there's this guy with a day laborer' s body. When I felt him there's a hard shoulder under some padding of fat. Dark skin tone, a real local kine guy.

I woke up so early at Saturday morning and I can't sleep, so I took his invite. I took the bus. I'm in his street, but I had difficulty looking where he is.

"Em hea by the street kornah. The house with the forty-niner flags." I suprised myself on how pidgin smoothly rolled out of me. I still think of myself as new.

"Jus go walk, I'll meechu."

"Any landmarks?"



sniggering, "houses." Fucking wiseass.

I went back in the street the second time, it's brighter because it's six already and I saw him, arms perched at the front gate. When I was caressing his scalp later, the back of his head had thinned. I like that.

"It's cold," he said. I agreed and wanted to piss. He told me to piss at the corner of the house. I walked through the well manicured front lawn to a bird of paradise. I wondered why he didn't let me just use the bathroom.

Turns out the other occupants of the house where asleep. With their bedroom door open. In my socks and him barefoot, we went to his room, which gave me the impression that he's living with a family, or maybe with his kids.

Before we got inside. He introduced himself and I told him my name was X. I don't know why I used a fake name.

I let him take the lead, he likes muscular (he asked me) and straight acting (from what I read on his profile). It's feels amazing that I seem to fit both from what he's seeing, I haven't sunk into this new body yet. Though, I'd consider myself stocky..

In his room, a compact cube lined with a TV, boxes, shelves and a desk, he got undressed and set up the porn and reminded me again to keep quiet. He told me that the people wake up at around 7:20, which means we have roughly 30 minutes to work with.

It was a good 20 inch flat screen TV playing 90s porn of muscled guys and clothing that I'd throw away. I take pride in my uniform black jacket, jeans, white shirt, and worn out sneakers.

I left my boxer briefs on when I went to the bed, brushing my crotch to his knee. I waited for his move, and he sucked on my nipple. I got naked.

We seem to have the same height and body type. My skin lighter than his.

"You shame? No shame.."

I smiled. "No, just lazy."

It looked like were just going to masturbate, until he got right on top of me to feed me his cock. I did get to suck on his pit, it was nice a morning dew of someone.

His cock feels nice in my mouth, not as deep as Ace, but deep enough to tickle the back of my throat. He's got good sturdy legs too.

When he got back down to try and fuck me, I went to watching the porn and jack off. He finally got in when I turned around and buried my face into the pillow with my ass up and my hands pulling my cheeks apart. He spared on the lube as he got in me, it stings.

He reminded me to be quiet, I moved his hand from my shoulder to my mouth. No, his paw. Calloused and heavy, damn.

After pumping into me some more, he took himself out. "I don't know if you poz," he said.

I just smiled as he lay on my side.

"Hey Uncle, you like kiss?" As I said these, he shushed me. My normal voice was too loud for him.

I leaned my head to his direction, I'm waiting for his move. He was very slow, but I can felt his breath. It's warm. His kissed softly. Mild. His mustache tickles.

I got bored and just stroked myself to climax, he clamped down his large hand on my mouth to make sure I'm not making any sounds. I arched my back and spasmed.. a little to dramatically. I stuck my tongue out and licked his hand.

He didn't cum. I felt triumphant and a little guilty.

It was 7:10 so we made it in time, we went out in the same manner. He made small talk as I tie my shoes.

"Do you smoke?"


"You go to clubs?"


"Yeah, I don't do that."

I learned that he's divorced (it looks like his kid's photographs where on his desk). We got out of the gate and arranged to meet next week.

"See you later," I said.

"Bye bu." His reply reminded me of how new I am. (It means "bro")

I didn't know why I used X the second he introduced himself. It felt like to instinctive reaction, since I was playing a character from the beginning. I was very deliberate with my everything, including my voice, speech patterns, and even movements.

For some reason, I felt power. Like I accomplished something. Like this validated what I thought of myself all along: a stud.

However, such veneer is annoying. You can't move freely, but I guess a limit is what makes stuff exciting. The thrill of edging out and being slammed back in.


Enough 2


I got a message. OMIGOD a message!

Prof steered from a general question to a meeting. I let him without showing me a more detail photo of himself and giving his stats a second look. He didn't ask for photos either.

He proposed his office in the local university. I was stoked, Prof is a Professor in the university, it's hot and kinky!

I didn't trust my instincts enough, It was screaming no, but I was pushing against the waves.

I moved based on my assumptions.

Me [morning]: In the bus. On my way. Can I ask you for something?

Prof: Sure.

M: Role-play.

P: Can try what do you like?

M: I'm going to fail one class and I need some help or my scholarship would be shit.

I arrived in this dilapidated building in the campus. I later learned it was close to demolition. Inside, it feels like Silent Hill.

I went to the floor where his office was. After landing, all the sides were blocked with doors. I tried my left and right to no avail. The one in front of me opened.

Oh Jesus. I realized by then I should've asked for a photo. I'll admit, I still prey victim to the kind of thinking that things should be of a certain way even if you didn't do the work.

I went inside his office. It was dingy and awful, really the school should take care of its staff.

My imagination got the best of me. He's more like a superintendent or custodian.

He then locked the door, by jamming it with what seems to be a vary small screwdriver as long as my middle finger.

"Do you want to do the role-play?" He's sitting on his office chair in front of an overcrowded desk.

His radio is talking, "something in the girls bathroom... a clog." Static.


"Let's make ourselves comfortable." He walked over to where I was sitting, a fold-out mattress.

Foreplay was bland. He's probably enjoying it, but I was trying not to show my mental state on my face, which was a combination of repulsion, regret, and self-hatred for being swayed by my most primal instinct and irrational thoughts. He lay on his back while I made out with him, or rather while I sucked his moribund tongue. Move you idiot.

He used generous amounts of hand lotion and his fingers and dick slid in easily, I made it difficult for him by being fucked on my back with my legs up. I was remembering the last time Ace and I fucked, it was the first time on my back (after three years of fucking).

Because he's stomach was in the way, it was a laborious effort from the sounds of his breathing. Wheezes. From where I am, I can see under his nose; lots of white hairs in there. I wondered, if mine will look like that when I'm older. Probably.

We finally went on to spooning, still wheezing. I'm contracting my hole whenever he pulls out and pushing back at him to speed up the process.

He's plunging into me.

Pumping into my tank.

Cleaning my pipes.

Decloging my hole.

He stopped moving. Dead? He was fucking me and he died.

He sighed.


My dick was wet, precum or spit I don't know.

He go a roll of paper towel and took out a feet or so with a movement familiar to all janitors and me. I wiped myself and stuffed it in my bag, for some reason I made sure that I never left any traces.

I was mute throughout the whole thing, answering as short as possible.

"So, hit me up when you want to talk or something."


Later, he texted.

"I came a lot, did you feel that?"

Sure, there was evidence at the toilet. But I can't bring myself to lie, so I didn't answer.