WARNING: Mature Content.




I texted him I want to try bondage.

In hindsight, the setting was poor. We only have a very small window of time, about two hours, to fuck. If it's just a basic fuck, there's ample time, but bondage with the blindfold and all that for the first time would require a lot of time. At least I was wearing my jockstrap at that time. Black with laces on the front.

After I entered the front door, I was ordered to kneel and wait orders.

A blindfold was slipped to me and my wrists were bound in front of me.

I was commanded to crawl to the bedroom. I crawled.

I was commanded to hop on to the bed and I did. I sucked him off for a while.

Then I was commanded to the edge of the bed and I did.

Then he slid himself in and told me to fuck myself. I was on my toes and my ankles tied, with my ass up, and face full of bed sheets. The pain and pleasure of going deep because of my fault balance is overwhelming.

There was a lot of resistance in my part. I was really humiliated and the verbal abuse was not really turning me on, probably triggering some trauma from the past. It was awful.

"I want to piss SIR." I was pissed and I really want to fight back, but you cant do that with a blindfold.

I was blindfolded, so there was no need to turn on the lights in the bathroom. I sat down to piss. Then that flashing white light blinked at me again. I know he was taking pictures from the start.

When I got back on the bed, he fucked me on my stomach with my hands tied. My ankles were far apart now, and he was getting in there deeper. He then stopped and flipped me over.

He told me he wont cum inside until I cum. It was difficult to concentrate, but I managed to. He told me to flip back.

He used the cum as lube and bred me. It felt different than spit and lube. More abrasive.

 As much as my fantasy was arousing, reality said otherwise. Later, he'd tell me I have "trouble with control." I'd also learn I'm not into verbal.

The pictures were sent to Security. Me in my jockstrap. Me sucking him. Me being fucked from behind. Me on the toilet and pissing. My ass glazed with cum after fucking me. Security liked them.

"God I'm fat," I said.

"No you're not." He's right.


He was in a phone call about someone's accounts or something like that.

He seems to be talking with a client.

A woman from the sound of it.

Something about an event.

Receipts were needed and some other document(s).

I gave up trying to listen. It's none of my business.

I meet his hips to my face. That's my fucking business.

My business is opening my mouth wider while he fucks my face and answers this business call.


I gave him a watercolor painting (one of the best), and a Ray Bradbury ("that was weird," he said). He gave me Aloha shirts, regular t-shirts, sport shirts, some underwear, and four Handjob Magazines from a stash under his bed.


Movie 6

When Movie 6 finally came out, I met him about a half hour late. When I arrived, I saw him eating some salad near the theater. I moved quietly amongst the cars and other masses and tapped him on the shoulder like some retarded ninja.
"Hey, how you doing." I said.

We catch up on work and things. By now you're practically familiar with Merman; there's lots of flirtation, but rarely fucking. I'm not complaining because I like him personally, but sometimes I wanted to ask him, "when can I rim you?"

We went to the theater and the movie had already started twenty minutes ago. We watched it with about six other people (older than both us combined) and sat ourselves in the back row. He's still eating some of his lunch. Curry.

We watched the movie like always: leaning on each other. After his lunch, we went to the usual hands-near-crotch position. This never gets old for me. Especially now that he wanted me to go commando.

It's what he wanted because my underwear-jeans-belt combo was too tight. I went all the way opting for a pair baggy cargo shorts. He snaked up there so fast, he was cupping my cock in seconds.

We both have canker sores at the moment so there wasn't any tongue action. So we settled for petting, and I almost got too loud because he was stroking my cock.

We made out a little, and I tasted curry. God I was hungry (in more ways than one).

We finished the movie, and still understood what happened. We talked about home remedies ("hydrogen peroxide tastes like cum," I said, and he agreed), kissing, and things we'd do to each other in bed.

When my stop came, I did my usual kiss and thanks. It was a great day.



In one of my overnight stays with Old Guard, I got a fever.

I started getting the signs as I trekked up to his place after work. I know it was happening and I didn't stop myself. I want to meet him, I want to get fucked, and I want to have company.

My body was saying, "no man, you are fucking exhausted and need some alone time to unwind and get well. No sharing of body fluids!" I was not listening.

When I got in, we did it like some old couple. Me in his shirt and my jockstrap (the black one that laces on the front), prancing around in the semi-buff and him cooking us both breakfast and bathing me.

In between the first and the second session, I got the fever that went through over the night. I became his human radiator/body pillow. Really having the works: bodily pain, loss of appetite, exhaustion, and chills.

However, in the end of the visit. I got to play with his vibrators. Two of them.

After washing me, he prepped my hole first. I was on my back with my legs up, and he rimmed me. My toes curl and uncurl and he worked his way on my hole and I moaned as thanks to the sensations.

After a few moments, he took out what looked like an Arneos, the same one he played with me while my ankles where tied on a stick and up in the air. There's a curve that touches my taint and under my balls. and he set it on. It's not as sensational as a finger probing in there, but it was very comfortable to the sudden jolts of a finger.

It's like a really intense vibrating massage. You know how when your phone vibrates close to your cock? It's that, only better.

While he probes and shifts the thing a bit to probe that spot a bit more, he sits on my face and I preceded to eat his ass. I was surprised to see a few spots. Like beauty marks near ones lips. I traced those spots and worked my tongue over at the bulls-eye.

"Feels different ya?" He asked, before he tongued the area where my hole meets the vibrator.

"Yeah." I lean my head back.

He lifted himself a little to sooner than I liked, then switched the black one to a standard vibrator that looks like a Kalashnikov bullet. Neon Pink with a black base.

He pushed it inside and it felt a little better. The vibrating sensations got a little intense and he jack me off.

I love it when Old Guard jacks me off. He's a man who knows a value of patience. He doesn't continuously go up and down like an amateur would. He stops at the head and twists it around a bit, and takes his time to go down there feeling you up with his other hand in the process. "Sensitizing the body", as he'd call it. I'd do the same thing the second time I saw Cowboy.

Cumming was intense. It starts of with a humming and then a short circuit of everything. A sensation that lasts a few seconds that can only be brought about by another hand and a few long long minutes. My whole body would make spasms, my eyes would grow wide (some odd contortion in between pain and pleasure) and I'd forget my name for a few seconds.