WARNING: Mature Content.


Man Friday

At one point, Merman expressed his distress over some stuff and we basically agreed that I should come over and t to cheer him up.

He lived practically on the other side of the state and it's around 5 pm so traffic can be potentially deadly, by some miracle I arrived in record time, about an hour and a half, despite riding the bus. Lucky.

You think being invited to his house means something like what happened from last time? No.

I met him outside the apartment and we talked and bought some stuff (liquor is not included sadly). We ate a snack and talked a lot.

He seemed to calm down.

After I gave him a good foot massage, we decided to move it to the bed. The massage I mean.

I was commando at that time, so I got to have his underwear as we undressed for the massage.

There was the back, sacrum, then the legs and arms, and finally the shoulders. I'm amateur at best, but I just really like touching him. I'd think I'd be some hot shit to his him along the spine. Damn, I'm so corny.

He reciprocated and it felt really great.

I reminded him how beautiful he is. We made out for a while and we said our goodbyes.

I had a case of blue balls, and decided to eat it out and miss out on the apps.

Good day.

Of course I kept the underwear.

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