WARNING: Mature Content.


Conquest for Daddy: My Actual Dad

My Actual Dad died. A long time ago. I was fortunate enough to get to know him a little bit.

What brought this on? Well, I was in this section in reddit, and I bumped into this tumblr which is incredibly hot. I found myself nostalgic.

My Actual Dad is a really hairy fucker, and we look really alike too. Unfortunately, I didn't get the heavy chest hair, though there are some few strands (I am a few inches taller though). He died before I could come to a peace with my sex and desires, so I wondered how he'd take it if I told him I fuck with guys who are decades older than him.

Sometimes, when Ace fucks me. On my back, my ankles up to his neck. I'd run and tug my fingers through his chest hair; it reminds me of my dad and what I used to do to his calves. It was fun.

It would be a nice thought if I fuck with older men because of my dad. It'll be like a full circle thing for sure.


  1. Love these little moments of thoughts you write up. Guess I just like the personal tinges and dimensions juxtaposed with the graphic sex. Thanks for sharing!